Maroon 5 2014

Maroon 5 – Sugar

That band is just awesome, this video is great just a little thing can make people happy.

penny ford 84

Pennye Ford – Spend My Time With You

From the great LP “Pennye” (with an e at the end), the charming voice of Penny Ford (Sharon Redd sis) “Spend my time with you”. Year : 1984.

michael jackson xscape

Michael Jackson’s return

Thanks to technology MJ was back for a few minutes at the last Billboard Music Awards ceremony.
As you can notice everybody stands up.

genesis 83

Genesis – Mama

In 1983, Genesis releases this track. It’s about a young man and a prostitute. Great song, great feeling.

Brooklyn Dreams 77

Brooklyn Dreams – Music, Harmony and Rhythm

Wonderful track by Brooklyn Dreams in 1977 Music, Harmony and Rhythm. Three words that define what a good sound is.